5 Insurance Products Every Business Should Have

5 Insurance Products Every Business Should Have

ISU Insurance

Business experts know that a successful business is only as good as the insurance coverage that protects it. Most professionals know that general and professional liability insurance are must-haves, but insurance agencies like ISU Insurance can recommend a number of other policies that will help a business stay in business. Here are five that professionals should consider:

Errors & Omissions

This policy covers legal fees and judgments when a customer sues for negligence. It does not cover actual fraudulent activity.

Cyber Security

Technology is everywhere today. Protect your information and your customer’s information from accidental and criminal data theft with this coverage.

Workers Compensation

When hurt on the job, most employees want to return as fast as possible. Workers comp covers employees’ lost wages and medical bills.

Umbrella Liability

Some accidents cost more than what a standard policy covers. Umbrella insurance covers that overage, protecting businesses from financial loss.

Employment Practices

Organizations don’t want to think it’s possible, but there’s always a chance an employee will sue for something like discrimination. This policy helps pay expenses associated with the suit.
Selecting the right insurance coverage should be a part of every organization’s smart business strategy. Find out what options are available to you by talking to an agent at ISU Insurance or a similar agency.