5 Ways Business Insurance Protects You

5 Ways Business Insurance Protects You

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All successful owners know that insurance is a critical component to running a business. Consider these five ways business insurance in Austin can help protect you from financial loss.

1. Commercial General Liability

Commercial general liability protects you when individuals suffer injuries when exposed to your internal operations or due to defects in your products or services. This liability can also protect you from work performed by your outsourced contractors.

2. Cyber Liability

If a hacker accesses your customer databases and retrieves personal information, cyber liability helps you mitigate the issue and provide additional security measures for your system. Cyber liability also covers any viruses that are spread from your network.

3. Commercial Property Protection

Property protection covers your physical assets in the event of theft, fire damage, weather damage or vandalism. Your physical assets include the property itself, building structures and everything contained within your buildings.

4. Auto Protection

Whether your employees drive their own cars or you purchase company vehicles, auto insurance covers liabilities associated with collisions, injuries, property damage, theft, vandalism and weather damage.

5. Workers Compensation

When your employees are injured on the job, insurance provides compensation for lost wages, medical treatment and associated legal fees.

Why risk financial loss when you can purchase business insurance in Austin? Call your provider to find a plan that works best for you.