6 Features of an Employment Practices Liability Policy

6 Features of an Employment Practices Liability Policy

The features of an insurance policy depend greatly on who you get your insurance policy through. However, many employment practices liability policies have similar features. A few common features include:

  1. Individual Policy: Often this type of policy is completely individual. For you that means there will be separate limits and deductibles.
  2. Duty to Defend: This policy requires that the insurer defend your business against any claims that fall under the coverage.
  3. World Wide Coverage: No matter where the claims are brought in the world, the insurer will cover you.
  4. Aggregate Deductible: An aggregate deductible limits the amount that you would have to pay towards deductible on claims in a given period.
  5. Broadened Insured: Some insurers will also cover clients of the staffing service, which can be a huge bonus to offer your clients.
  6. Workplace Torts: This coverage offers you protection from claims of workplace torts, such as constructive discharge, retaliation, misrepresentation, wrongful demotion or defamation.

These are just a few features that may be a part of your policy.

Talk With an Insurance Agent

You need to talk with an insurance agent today to find out all of the features that you can get if you have an employment practices liability policy. They’ll be able to answer all of your questions, and make sure that this is a type of coverage that you need.