Basic Insurance Coverages To Get You Started

Basic Insurance Coverages To Get You Started

Alpine Commercial Insurance

Are you in need of Alpine commercial insurance? It’s true that signing up for business insurance can be difficult for new business owners. However, what may seem to be difficult to understand may not really be all that challenging after further review. Here are three basic coverages to consider when searching for your insurance.

Liability Insurance

There are many forms of liability insurance and they’re there to protect you in case a third party files a lawsuit claiming that your business caused them to suffer some sort of loss or injury. If a claim were to be filed against you, your policy would cover all your legal fees. Your agent can provide further detail on the options that are best for you.

Property Insurance

Property insurance protects you in case your business property is damaged or lost. You’ll be able to cover your building, furniture, equipment and digital assets under this policy and it will pay to repair or replace them in case of a fire, storm vandalism or theft.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Be sure to work with an Alpine commercial insurance company that understands your state’s requirements for workers’ compensation. This is pivotal protection as it not only covers your employees’ medical bills if they’re injured on the job but also their lost wages while they’re away from work.

With these coverages in place, you’ll have the foundation you need to build a strong policy. A good agent will be able to help you craft a policy that meets your local mandates as well as your business needs.