The Benefits of Bundling: Insurance Coverage for Less

The Benefits of Bundling: Insurance Coverage for Less

Myers Insurance

One of the most commonly suggested tips in shopping for insurance is to purchase multiple types of coverage from the same company. This makes sense, since insurance companies frequently offer discounted rates for buying bundled coverage. While this is typically a feature available from agencies that represent only one carrier, you might be surprised to learn that these arent your only options. Purchasing bundled coverage is possible when you shop with an independent agency in the Champaign-Urbana area such as Myers Insurance.

Home Plus Auto Plus More

Generally, many drivers shopping for auto insurance find benefits to adding on homeowners or renters coverage, and vice versa. This is commonly known as multipolicy discounting, and has some other benefits besides saving money. You receive only one bill each month or quarter, and your multiple policies also shield you from being dropped on auto coverage should the unexpected happen such as an increasing number of insurance claims or a major loss in your home or apartment.

Choose an Independent Agency

Going with an independent insurance agency such as Myers Insurance gives you many options when it comes to your residential, auto and other types of policies. Flood insurance, inland marine coverage and policies on boats, motorcycles and other recreational vehicles protect your assets and offer additional savings. Independent agencies offer you access to a wide range of companies, helping you get the best rates as well as the policies that shield you the most from financial losses.