Boat Rental Insurance: Why Your Clients May Need It

Boat Rental Insurance: Why Your Clients May Need It

Boat Rental Insurance

If you have clients who work in the marine industry, you may need to provide unique insurance options. Liability insurance and other marine options are popular among those with a boat rental company.

Do Your Clients Need Liability Insurance?

Every business needs liability insurance. Without liability insurance, companies may go bankrupt from legal fees alone. If your client owns a boat rental business, they have unique risks that other companies may not have. For instance, if a customer is injured on a vessel or if personal property is damaged on company property, the business could be blamed.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Your Client’s Vessels?

Boat rental companies may handle a variety of different vessels. Boat insurance may not cover larger vessels, such as sailboats over 26 feet. The following boat rentals that are typically covered by insurance include:

  • Pedal boats
  • Mini jet boats
  • Water bikes
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Personal watercraft

Insurance may also cover houseboats that are up to 65 feet. It is important to know the limits of the insurance policies so that you can relay the information to your clients.

As an insurance agent, you should be able to take new boat rental clients. As long as you have access to comprehensive boat rental business coverage options at an affordable price, you can break into the boat rental industry.