Bundle Your Business Insurance for Optimal Effect

Bundle Your Business Insurance for Optimal Effect

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

You’ve invested your time and money into your business, and you want to know that investment is protected. But what kind of coverage is available? What kind of coverage do you need? Where do you start looking? When you choose to get a Business Owner Policy (BOP), you have a variety of options to tailor coverage to your needs.

A Business Owner Policy includes Liability coverage, as well Property insurance and Business Interruption insurance, which can be vital if your business owns a building needing repair. The Property insurance covers repairs while the Business Interruption insurance covers the costs of maintaining your business, such as utility bills and payroll. This can be vital if damage has interfered with your revenue stream.

If your business has more specific Property insurance needs, you can also expand your coverage by adding enhancements. These can cover money and securities, mobile property, valuable papers and crime. There’s plenty of flexibility to ensure that your business assets are covered in the event of damage or destruction, no matter your field.

Don’t let a claim derail your business. With the proper insurance coverage, you can keep delivering quality service and products even when the unthinkable happens. Protect your investment with coverage built with your unique needs in mind.