Bundling Insurance Coverage

Bundling Insurance Coverage

D&G Sayles Insurance

For small businesses, paying multiple premiums for the various insurance policies can get expensive and confusing. Fortunately, a commercial package policy is able to combine several areas of coverage into one plan. This provides more flexibility when it comes to selecting insurance, but as mentioned by the experts at D&G Sayles Insurance, it also lowers the cost of the premiums when compared to individual package prices.

Who Benefits From a CPP?

Most small and mid-sized businesses are the primary beneficiaries of CPP. They often have smaller liability needs since they operate in smaller facilities and have more limited risks. The type of industry you operate in will have a significant impact on the overall cost of your policy, as the more dangerous operations like welding or fabrication carry more risk than something like a car wash.

What is Included?

A commercial package policy can a combination of traditional coverages or it can be more specific to the areas of exposure identified by the company. The beauty of these packages is the ability to customize the coverage to unique concerns. The traditional packages often include general liability and property coverage. For companies owning and operating vehicles for company business, a commercial auto policy might be added to the policy. It could also include crime protection.
Bundling your insurance coverages can save you money and alleviate some administrative stress. Check with your broker about ways you can customize a plan.