Business Vehicles Require Special Insurance

Business Vehicles Require Special Insurance

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Do you drive a company car? Do your employees deliver goods in a business-owned van? Do you transport members of the public in a company vehicle? If so, your business might need special insurance beyond the coverage you carry on your personal vehicle. Working with a skilled Texas insurance agency is the best way to get the right policy for your business vehicles, but company cars typically have some special insurance considerations.

General Protection

Like personal cars, company vehicles usually must provide coverage in two areas:

  • Property Loss or Damage Coverage
  • Physical Injury Liability Insurance

Specific Coverage

While essentially all businesses should purchase general insurance for their fleets, company cars often are in physical areas and business situations that personal vehicles avoid. This, of course, typically requires additional insurance to protect the vehicle and company in the following situations:

  • Loading and Unloading
  • Injury to Employee Drivers
  • Dock Damage
  • Substitution Vehicles
  • Towing and Labor

By purchasing comprehensive coverage other than simple loss protection and liability, many business owners keep their company vehicles safe from the unique risks that company cars face. Smart business owners work with an experienced Texas insurance agency to find the right levels of protection for their business needs. By combining vehicle insurance with other business coverage, many business owners save money and get comprehensive protection.