Is a Commercial Umbrella Policy Right for your Machine Company?

Is a Commercial Umbrella Policy Right for your Machine Company?

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Equipment distribution companies can be lucrative, but are you fully protected against the worst? You may have a solid general liability policy, but you may not be prepared for all too real catastrophes. If the cost of loss is excessive, you may still responsible for a significant amount of financial retributions. As a machine retailer, your company comes with great risks, and you want to make sure that you are prepared with an extensive machine wholesalers insurance policy.

Extensive Losses

While it can be difficult to imagine worst-case scenarios, there are a lot to consider in the equipment distribution industry. With a large inventory of expensive product, one single natural disaster or case of vandalism could lead to major losses. Additionally, machinery comes with major risk, which could result in extensive injury and extremely expensive lawsuits. The delivery of your product only further increases the potential for major financial liability.

Necessary Policies

Umbrella and excess policies ensure that you have the resources to handle extensive financial liability in these extreme cases. Umbrella plans increase the limits of existing coverage and have the potential to replace primary policies if the limits are exceeded. Additionally, these cover a greater spectrum of issues filling in potential holes in your current coverage. If you need even more, excess causality has you covered.

There is a lot of risk in the equipment business. Make sure that you are fully protected against any potential hazard with by adding an umbrella policy to your machine wholesalers insurance.