Common Marine Insurance Claims

Common Marine Insurance Claims

New York marine insurance claims

Common Marine Insurance ClaimsWhen it comes to insurance, one way to decide which type of coverage suits your boat or marina the best is to look at New York marine insurance claims. The more common claims can tell you what you need coverage for.

Submerged Object: One of the most common claims is when a boat strikes a submerged object. When the water gets low, this is particularly common. Boats are more likely to hit unforeseen objects.

Theft: Boat theft and theft of equipment are also common. One way to avoid equipment theft is to permanently and visibly mark your fishing gear, electronics and other items so that they are less marketable and easy to trace.

Fire Damage: As far as claims go, fire is one of the most concerning for boat owners. This is because a fire tends to wipe out the entire vessel, leaving the claim high.

Wind Damage: Wind and weather are common sources of trouble for boats. Whether it is by a hurricane or a strong storm, wind damage is something that you must account for.

When it comes to coverage for your boat or marina, it’s important to think about all the different possible claims. When you think about the more popular New York marine insurance claims, you can identify what coverage options you should look into.