Comprehensive Coverage for Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Coverage for Comprehensive Care

specialty insurance for VNAs

Visiting Nurse Associations (VNAs) offer extensive care for patients within the comfort of their homes. Rehabilitative, palliative, and nutritional care are just some of the services that VNAs offer, enabling patients to retain their health without inconvenient or costly hospital visits. Given the wide-ranging level of service VNAs provide, it should come as no surprise that specialty insurance for VNAs is often needed to cover all the legal bases.

Read below to discover just a few of the protections that specialty insurance can offer.

Automobile Coverage

A traveling profession, members of VNAs need insurance that can travel with them and their vehicles. When a VNA has specialized insurance, they can extend coverage to include automobiles outside of their ownership and protect vehicles which are hired to perform specific tasks for the VNA.

Workers’ Compensation

Frequently exposed to unknown elements through travel and in patients’ homes, members of VNAs can have an increased risk for injuries while on the job. Should an employee sustain injury during work, specialty insurance can help absorb some of the costs involved with medical bills and any required down time.

D&O Liability

If claims are brought against your VNA or your VNA’s senior staffers, directors and officers liability coverage can provide financial compensation for any legal defense or settlement that the lawsuit requires. For nonprofit organizations like VNAs, this measure of protection can be vital in sustaining business operation during and after any court proceedings.

When your organization provides comprehensive care, you need comprehensive coverage. Specialty insurance for VNAs can provide that.