Cover Your Bases With New Jersey Workers Comp

Cover Your Bases With New Jersey Workers Comp

New Jersey Workers Comp

If you’ve been the owner of a business for the last several years, then you likely are aware of the challenges that have been facing the market for New Jersey workers comp insurance. The carriers have been searching for ways in which they can improve the performance of their underwriting and combined ratios in an attempt to boost their profitability. This makes life difficult for many honest business owners trying to take care of their employees, as carriers choose to change premium discount tables, remove renewal credits or leave entire markets.

The Road to Progress

There are legislators who are hard at work trying to get reforms implemented to get the system back on track. New Jerseys governor along with the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development are among these people looking for solutions to systemic issues such as fraud. While such efforts certainly represent steps in the right direction, it can take a great deal of time for the effects of this kind of legislation to really affect the market. In the meantime, you need to find something to do about it now.

Make Your Move

At this point, the best thing you can do for your business and for your employees is to find a carrier that can provide New Jersey workers comp at affordable and competitive rates.