Do You Understand How Workers Compensation Works?

Do You Understand How Workers Compensation Works?

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Traditional workers compensation is one of the few types of insurance that should be well-understood by employees and employers alike. Unfortunately, too many people are ill-informed about the type of coverage that’s included in policies from Insure My Work Comp and other insurance providers. Here’s a brief overview of how this type of compensation works.

What Does Workers Comp Cover?

Workers comp covers all types of illnesses and injuries that occur on the job or are job-related. If you qualify for compensation through this insurance coverage, you can be paid for any or all of the following:

  • Occupational rehabilitation expenses
  • Medical costs
  • Death benefits
  • Lost wages

Don’t hesitate to file a claim if you feel you qualify for workers compensation.

How Can Small Businesses Afford Workers Comp?

As an employer, it’s not just your job to make sure your employees are covered by workers’ comp; it’s the law. If you’re an employer who is wondering how to afford a traditional workers compensation policy, there are several affordable options from which you can choose. There are plans that are ideal for small businesses. These plans offer good coverage for a reasonable dollar amount that most small businesses can afford to pay. Talk to your policy provider to learn more about affordable policy options that meet all state and federal requirements.