Errors Omissions in New York: Understanding the Protection

Errors Omissions in New York: Understanding the Protection

errors omissions in New York

As a business owner, you probably take pride in the services or products your company provides. Even if you have implemented the strictest best practice protocols, there is still a chance for human error. Typically, businesses get liability policies, like errors omissions in New York, to gain protection against financial ruin due to legal action. If a client is unhappy with the services provided, he or she may be able to sue your business. E&O may pay the legal fees and judgments up to a set amount.

When Can an E&O Policy Protect Your Business?

Not every mistake will be covered by your errors omissions in New York. Your policy may depend in part on what you do and the provider you get your coverage through. However, some policies may protect your business in the following circumstances:

  • An employee incorrectly fills out a form for a client, and the client loses money because of the mistake.
  • A structure your company built falls and injures a pedestrian.
  • Because of a miscommunication, your business provided the wrong service for a client.
  • One of your employees forgot to inform a client about the potential risks associated with a service.

An errors omissions in New York can even protect your business against baseless allegations. With this type of policy, you can gain peace of mind.