Guideline to Errors and Omissions

Guideline to Errors and Omissions

EO insurance in New York

No matter the size and type of your business, it is important to obtain all the right types of insurance policies. Fire, flood, theft and property insurance can help you during a time of need. However, have you thought about errors and omissions insurance? This type of coverage can also assist you when you need it most. Do not let a claim stop you from living your business dream in the Empire State. Start working on EO insurance in New York today.

Prepping for Your Future

While searching for insurance policies, you may have seen errors and omissions mentioned in a long list of policies. If you do not know about this coverage then you may certainly have ignored it and found it unnecessary. However, in today’s litigation-prone era, you may find yourself in dire need of this policy. See, this insurance is meant to help you in case you face a claim by someone who says that your services were not adequate or your errors caused them monetary harm.

Dealing with claims can be a long and costly process. Depending on your contract, this insurance can take care of attorney fees, settlements and court fees. With EO coverage, you are ready to face on any unhappy client.

If you work with an agency that offers EO insurance in New York, you can better prepare yourself for your business’s upcoming years. Contact one today!