Hazardous Harbors: Why You Should Consider California Marina Insurance

Hazardous Harbors: Why You Should Consider California Marina Insurance

California marina insurance

According the United States Coast Guard, 5,560 recreational vessels were in accidents in 2015. Hazards such as machinery failure, treacherous waters and severe weather are just a few examples of the emergencies that boaters face at sea. However, damage or injury can easily occur within the safety of the marina itself. California marina insurance can help protect you, your family and your assets against the unexpected.

When Disaster Hits Close to Home

There is no question that the open sea can be dangerous and deadly. However, even when docked or in tow, boats and other vessels may be exposed to a variety of risks, including:

  • Vandalism
  • Storm damage
  • Collision
  • Fuel spillage
  • Theft

A marine protection plan can cover everything from onboard equipment, hulls, sails and furnishings to the cost of salvage. Some insurers even offer roadside assistance for towing vehicles and upgraded plans that extend to emergency repair needs caused by unexpected disaster. Comprehensive coverage should also safeguard against any potential damages or injuries for which you may be responsible.

Finding a Plan That Fits

Whether you own a sailboat or a speedboat, your plan should cover accidents that occur in dock as well as at sea. When shopping around, make sure to find an experienced provider that specializes in California marina insurance.