Highlights of the 2019 Virtual Cannabis Summit

Highlights of the 2019 Virtual Cannabis Summit

Beginning in March of 2020, everything went online. From board meetings to kindergarten classes to rock concerts, Zoom and other platforms have become the new venue for almost everything. This trend did not materialize out of nowhere, however, and many forward-thinking industries were already using digital conferencing technology to their advantage, even before COVID-19 made it a necessity. One example was a virtual cannabis summit in October, 2019.


Growing marijuana legally is a new type of business, and its insurance requirements are unlike those in other agricultural sectors. Thus, the overall theme of the summit was insurance risks and opportunities associated with this industry. Nineteen speakers presented sessions on a wide range of subjects, and growers were invited to host virtual tours of their facilities. The following topics were discussed:

  • Growing a cannabis business
  • Writing an insurance policy
  • Managing risks
  • Understanding the supply chain
  • Predicting market risk
  • Learning from pioneer growers
  • Using marijuana safely


Over 2,560 people from 1,300 companies registered for the event, with the average viewer watching for 60 minutes at a time. The sessions are still available online to watch and download. Based on data from sponsors and feedback from registrees and presenters, the organizers considered the event to have been successful in every way.