Home Health care and Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

Home Health care and Malpractice Insurance for Nurses

malpractice insurance for nurses

Home health care opens up the medical provider to an increased risk of malpractice claims. In a hospital setting, staff are around the patients at all times, and they hold each other accountable. In a home setting, there is no one to monitor a nurse, which is why you need malpractice insurance for nurses that provide in-home care.

Increase in Claims

It’s not surprising that patients receiving home health care are more inclined to complain of being physically or sexually abused by their practitioner. It’s the patient’s word against the nurses word, and bothersome suits tend to arise more in these scenarios. In some cases, however, the claim is founded, as an unmonitored nurse may take more liberties with her or his patient care.

Increase Your Coverage

Malpractice insurance for nurses is must for any home health care provider, and insuring yourself at the highest limit possible makes good business sense. For example, a maximum of $3 million per occurrence and aggregate available coverage up to $6.45 million is considerable protection. You’ll also want to add sexual abuse coverage, as this is a common complaint with home healthcare.

You got into the medical industry because you care about people. Dont open yourself up to unnecessary liability by failing to carry proper malpractice insurance for nurses. Work with an insurance broker that specializes in coverage needs for healthcare providers.