About Hospice Care and Insurance

About Hospice Care and Insurance

hospice liability coverage 

Both people and businesses need insurance as a safety net for a variety of situations. The medical field is no different, with hospice liability coverage being an important expense for care agencies offering hospice care. Here is a look at the kinds of care hospice facilities provide which need to be covered by insurance.

What Is Hospice Care?

A hospice focuses on palliative care, which is an area of medicine focused on alleviating symptoms that might have no cure. Patients with late stage cancer are one group served by hospice facilities. Some treatments include:

  • Pain management
  • Assistance using medical equipment
  • Family counseling
  • Emotional, psychological and spiritual support

About Hospice Liability Coverage

People can make mistakes and liability insurance can cover your facility if and when these mistakes harm someone. General liability is important for any business, including hospice facilities, for events such as falls and slips. Other areas covered by liability insurance that are specific to the hospice community are alleged billing abuse from audits, HIPAA violations and negligence in providing health care services.

Hospice liability insurance is important for any facility caring for the terminally ill or severely injured. In cases of accidents or negligence, this kind of coverage can mitigate the kind of damages that can put a facility out of business.