How to Protect Your Non-Profit

How to Protect Your Non-Profit

D&G Sayles Insurance

All businesses fear lawsuits and for good reason. Non-profits also fear lawsuits. In order to avoid or protect your company against lawsuits, you should follow a few key steps. Here is what you should do.

Make Agreements in Writing

When making agreements, you never want to misunderstand each other. This is how many non-profit lawsuits begin. You should always have every agreement in writing, say the experts at D&G Sayles Insurance. This way if there are problems, you can present your evidence in court. Before you sign an agreement, make sure all the details are clear.

Carry Proper Insurance

To protect yourself against lawsuits, you need insurance coverage. You cannot always predict when a lawsuit will happen. Even with the best risk management programs, there are still risks to your business. If you want to protect your non-profit, then you need the insurance coverage to help pay for legal fees and any settlements that might occur.

Lawsuits sometimes happen. As a non-profit, lawsuits can be real threats. After all, a lawsuit can lead to a significant loss that may be difficult to recover from and this is why you need protective measures in place. Take care of your non-profit through a few simple steps and make sure that you have insurance coverage.