Ice Dam Knowledge Can Help You Prepare Your Home For Winter

Ice Dam Knowledge Can Help You Prepare Your Home For Winter

Home Insurance

Winter may be months away, but now is a great time to review your homeowners insurance ice dams policy. Ice dams can happen during those brutal winter storms or on a day when it just snows. Understanding ice dams can help you prepare your home for the coming winter.

Potential Damage

Ice dams often form after a good snowfall when the roof is warmer than the outside air. This temperature difference melts and refreezes the snow creating ice that can accumulate on top of each other until it creates a problem. The most common problem that happens are roof leaks.

Prevention Tips

Keeping temperature fluctuations from happening starts with properly insulating the roof using at least R-38 insulation. Better insulation keeps the roof cold which allows the snow to properly melt off preventing ice dams from forming. It is also essential to keep gutters clear of debris to prevent water from icing over and creating blockages.

Covered Damages

The insurance firm Thayer-Innes Insurance Agency states that not maintaining a home can result in an ice dam. These damages are often not covered under a homeowners insurance policy. Unpreventable damages though are often covered.

Keep in mind you may also need flood insurance to complement your homeowners insurance ice dams policy. Read the policy thoroughly to determine what extent the water damage caused by an ice dam may be covered.