Independent Contractors in Commercial Auto Businesses

Independent Contractors in Commercial Auto Businesses

independent contractors liability insurance

Independent contractors are often used in many types of commercial auto businesses. With overall reduced costs, a more flexible schedule and unique skill sets, these workers can be vital to helping a business stay afloat. However, because they operate on their own terms with variable hours, they are not typically covered under the same types of plans as regular employees and must be responsible for their own independent contractors liability insurance.


Independent contractors are hired to fulfill a variety of responsibilities, and many businesses rely on their contributions. In commercial auto businesses, they can be found doing the following types of duties:

  • Courier and other delivery services
  • Chauffeuring
  • Transporting goods
  • Auto maintenance
  • Work as field representatives

Coverage Options

While these workers’ contributions are valuable, they must be responsible for carrying their own insurance. This coverage protects not only themselves, but also the business’s reputation as well as clients. It is also in the best interest of the independent contractor to have their own insurance since being uninsured poses a significant risk to the business for which they are offering their services. Not having it can greatly reduce job prospects. This is because a business’s policy may not cover anything that is the fault of the independent contractor and as a result may need to eat up the fines and fees incurred. Luckily, independent contractors liability insurance is available, and can help put these worries to rest. Speak to an agent today to find the perfect plan.