Insurance That Staffing Companies Should Consider Having

Insurance That Staffing Companies Should Consider Having

Staffing Companies

Your staffing company probably already has insurance for general and professional liability, workers compensation, employee benefits liability and employment practices liability. However, there are additional kinds of temporary staffing insurance that you should consider to fully protect yourself and your clients.


If your staffing company owns five of more vehicles, Owned Auto Liability insurance covers the entire fleet at a reduced rate. You also are at risk for accidents involving non-owned vehicles. Your employees often drive their own vehicles, client-owned vehicles or rented vehicles when they drive for work-related purposes. Hired and Non-Owned Auto Liability insurance covers both you and your clients for property damage or bodily injury to others when your employee causes an accident while driving a clients vehicle. Such a policy also gives you the same coverage when employees drive their own or rental vehicles.


Crime insurance protects you and your clients against theft, embezzlement and other crimes committed by your employees. Security and Privacy Liability insurance protects you and your clients against cyber crimes by your employees. Coverage often includes protection against security breaches of network/computer systems and leakage of confidential information.


If a plaintiff wins a lawsuit against your company, the judgment amount could be higher than the limits of your existing insurance policies. Umbrella Liability insurance provides increased liability limits to your Professional Liability, General Liability, Commercial Automobile Liability, Employee Benefits Liability and Employers Liability policies.

As the owner of a staffing company you should consider these temporary staffing insurance solutions to the risks your company faces every day.