Insuring Your Parking Service

Insuring Your Parking Service

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Valet and parking services have a unique set of risks that generally aren’t covered by general liability polices. Bringing specific coverage to identified risks and merging the policy with common liability threats is the goal of coverage with valet insurance.

Businesses Covered

Throughout the course of operations, a business offering vehicle parking or re-location services are faced with numerous liabilities. Types of operations covered by a special policy could include incidents occurring during:

  • Auto-detailing
  • Relocating a vehicle to a garage or mechanic shop
  • Valet service
  • Self-parking facilities
  • Pedi-cabs
  • Shuttle operations
  • Location-based car washes

This coverage is unique in that it will protect the business from liability, whether or not the incident occurred while on company property or on public roads or facilities during the course of the vehicle transfer. This option may be called a parking enhancement endorsement. Additional policy benefits may offer an endorsement of additional insureds.

Coverage Options

The policy options available for your parking service or valet company may be written to include the following elements:

  • Property
  • Owned auto
  • General liability
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Crime
  • Employment practices liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Garage keepers’ legal liability
  • Privacy protection
  • Directors and officers

When owning and operating a parking or valet service, proactively addressing and minimizing potential risks can keep a company from financial and claim chaos. Find a valet service provider who is able to provide comprehensive coverage, but can also provide risk assessment and management services.