Learning About Staff Insurance

Learning About Staff Insurance

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There are many types of risks in the staffing business that are common to other professional services. However, staffing agency insurance also has to consider some unique complications that arise from the relationships between a contract agency and its client. While insurance companies with a long history of operation in the industry might be intimately acquainted with these risks, even some veteran companies providing contract employment services may not really know what their risks are or how to handle them.

Education for Success

Knowing where a loss might occur and who would be responsible is an important part of getting the right insurance. In the staffing business, injuries might occur when employees are away fulfilling their contracts. This might still be the staff provider’s responsibility. That’s why any good staffing agency insurance provider will make it a mission to educate their clients as to these risks.

A Focused Approach

Getting insurance companies that focus on your industry is a good way to make sure you’re getting the right coverage. It also usually leads to faster resolution of claims, due to the experience of the account representatives and adjustors. They can navigate who’s responsible for losses, and act accordingly.

Staffing agency insurance is more complicated than many other industries, especially in terms of worker’s compensation or liability claims. Make sure your provider is up to the task.