Liability Issues With Tank Trucks

Liability Issues With Tank Trucks

Gain Insurance Agency

While all vehicles need some form of auto insurance, vehicles that are used for business purposes and potentially loaded with hazardous materials require more than a stand liability policy. Tank trucks are used in many different industries, with some hailing fuel between refineries and gas stations, while others haul staple fluids like water.

Given the demands on your ability to haul and the type of tanker you operate, here are three different types of insurance that you should consider.

  1. Liability Insurance

According to the staff at Gain Insurance Agency, liability insurance is a legal requirement through each of the United States. Your truck will probably not receive its permit and license without providing proof that you have this coverage.

  1. Bodily Injury

This insurance would cover the medical bills for those who may be hurt in an accident that you cause. Ambulance transport, hospital stays, follow-ups, and even funeral expenses are a part of this coverage. It would take a medical payment policy to address injuries to the truck driver.

  1. Property and Physical Damage

Property coverage will take care of repairs or replacement for damage that occurs because of the tanker, while physical damage addresses the cost of repairs for something on the tanker itself that may become damaged in operations.

Your truck is a valuable asset in the transport business, and you need the right tanker truck insurance policy to protect yourself from the threat of loss should an incident or accident occur.