Liability Protection Works for You

Liability Protection Works for You

Austin professional liability insurance

When considering professional liability insurance, there are many ways that your coverage can protect you. Here are some examples of how Austin professional liability insurance can work for you.

Protecting You

Errors and omissions insurance protects you from indemnity in the course of your work. If one of your clients alleges financial loss or negative legal consequences from your oversight, your professional liability insurance can have you covered. Here are examples of professionals that can be covered by liability insurance:

  • Managing general agents and underwriters
  • Wholesalers
  • Insurance agents
  • Program and captive managers

Protecting Your Business and Its Reputation

Even if the claim against your business is baseless, it must be defended against. Austin professional liability insurance is invaluable in this instance because legal fees add up quickly. Even if your business is found without fault, this protection will pay the legal defense fees. In the event of a judgment against your business, your coverage will pay the amount of money awarded to the claimant.

Protecting Your Assets

Any civil claim filed by a client needs to be defended against. Your Austin professional liability insurance can keep your personal and business assets secure by covering the cost of defense as well as any possible court awarded damages.

Liability insurance coverage can protect you on many levels that you cannot afford to lose ground on. Find your peace of mind by getting properly protected against loss.