Lowering Your Blood Pressure for a DOT Examination

Lowering Your Blood Pressure for a DOT Examination

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Hypertension is an increasingly prevalent health condition, and it can lead to the onset of further conditions such as heart disease, retinal damage, and kidney damage. The Department of Transportation requires that truck drivers have a blood pressure of 140/90 or lower. While it’s still possible to pass a DOT physical at this high level, licensure will last for only one year, at which point reexamination will be necessary. Before undergoing a DOT physical, you should find out if you have high blood pressure and take active steps to lower it.

Improve Your Diet

Poor diet is a major cause of high blood pressure. Eating less fatty and sugary foods and making an effort to eat more lean meats, fiber, and leafy greens can help you with lowering blood pressure for a DOT physicial.

Exercise More Frequently

Exercising several times a week can have a positive effect on your blood pressure. Moderate aerobic and low-impact exercise can promote healthier cardiovascular activity.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Stress can act as a toxin throughout your body, and it can dramatically increase your blood pressure. Making a concerted effort to lower your stress levels with more rest, meditation, or counseling can have a big impact on your blood pressure.

Changing your lifestyle to lower your blood pressure will improve your overall well-being while helping to ensure that your health won’t put you in jeopardy when you’re on the road.