Most Important Insurance Coverages to Start Your Home Care Agency

Most Important Insurance Coverages to Start Your Home Care Agency

home care agency insurance liability coverage

The home health care industry is booming. As the number of seniors and chronically ill grow, so does the need home health care. With advances in technology and the availability of providers, those who need it can get the care they need from the comfort of their homes.

With this growth comes great risks. As a result, the proper home care agency insurance liability coverage is needed to limit this exposure. Here are the most important types of insurance coverage for home care agencies:

1. Professional Liability

Also known as Malpractice or Errors and Omissions Coverage, it is the most critical home care insurance liability coverage. In an industry where any single mistake can lead to severe injury or even death, even the most basic of insurance packages will include professional liability coverage.

2. Workers’ Compensation

In case of an on-the-job accident to one of your employees, workers’ compensation insurance protects your business assets against any lawsuits while also providing coverage for medical, legal and other associated fees.

3. Non-Owned & Hired Auto

This type of coverage is intended to protect your business against lawsuits resulting from the actions of your employees while driving their cars.

As opportunities within the home health care industry grows, it is essential to maintain the appropriate level of insurance coverage to protect your assets. A package that includes these three coverages will serve as a starting point for protecting for your agency.