Navigating Marine Environmental Liability Laws

Navigating Marine Environmental Liability Laws

Marine Environmental Liability

Laws governing marine environmental liability are complex. Even owners of private watercraft can be held responsible for fuel leaks should their vessels sink. Larger seagoing craft is at particular risk for costly legal responsibility in the event of accidental leaks and spills.

  • Spill cleanup
  • Proper disposal of contaminants
  • Site remediation
  • Notifying the appropriate authorities

In addition to these costs, if your company’s vessels spill or leak contaminants, you may also be responsible for bodily injuries and damage to property resulting from the spill. However, you can take steps to safeguard your financial position.

Pollution Coverage and Filing Assistance

Specialized insurance policies help protect many types of watercraft, from sightseeing boats to luxury yachts, in the event of marine leaks and spills. The right insurance can help alleviate worry about expenses should an accident occur. Furthermore, craft owners can turn to some specialized insurance professionals for help with filing Certificates of Financial Responsibility, or COFR, with the U.S. Coast Guard.

As found on, you can perform a COFR search USCG to learn more about this vital aspect of liability protection for your marine vessel.

By taking a few smart steps before a marine spill or leak happens, you put your company in a stronger financial position in the event of an accident.