Pick the Right Workers Compensation Policy

Pick the Right Workers Compensation Policy

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If you are searching for the right marine manufacturing insurance wholesaler to do business with, it is likely you are thinking mostly about a policy that covers general liability, real and personal property, and other coverage enhancements. You might also consider choosing the right worker’s compensation policy as well.

Know What Workers Comp Coverage You Are Buying

Workers compensation policies generally come in two parts. The first covers bodily injury by accident while the employee is performing the expected duties of his job. The second covers disease caused by the employment environment. This would include, for example, exposure to asbestos. If an employee harms himself due to criminal activity or illicit drug use, though, workers compensation benefits would not apply.

Give Your Employees a Plan to Keep Them Safe

To help your employees avoid injury, consider instituting a safety program. Safety programs could teach employees how to properly use manufacturing equipment or the proper attire to wear to help ensure bodily protection. Depending on your state, you may be able to receive discounts on your workers compensation policy if you have instituted workplace safety training.

The right marine manufacturing insurance wholesaler should put together the right program for you. You might want to make sure it includes a good workers compensation policy as well.