Protection for When Employees Become Ill or Injured

Protection for When Employees Become Ill or Injured

what is workers compensation insurance

Protection for When Employees Become Ill or Injured

As a business owner, you value your employees. That is why you take precautions in the workplace to protect them. However, that may not be enough. You should also have workers compensation insurance. But first, what is workers compensation insurance?

Coverage for Your Business and Employees

Workers compensation offers your employees coverage when they are injured or become ill because of working conditions. This could be due to faulty equipment or accidents that occur. It does not, however, protect employees if the injury is the result of drug-related activities, negligence on the employee’s part or an event outside of work. It provides coverage in the following areas:

Lost wages
Medical treatment
Long-term care or rehabilitation
Death benefits

Your business is also covered under this insurance. In fact, if you do not have adequate protection regarding workers compensation, your business is required to pay for the above-mentioned aspects out of pocket. You may then also be subjected to legal fees if an employee files a lawsuit. Rather than deal with that headache, make sure you have the proper insurance in place.

Keeping Everyone Safe

What is workers compensation insurance? It’s an insurance policy that provides valuable protection for your employees and your business if an employee is injured at work. If you own a business and hire employees, you need this type of insurance policy.