RV and Trailer Safety

RV and Trailer Safety

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Going camping is a summertime tradition. Who doesn’t love fresh air and campfire s’ mores? If you camp in luxury by owning an RV or trailer, make it summertime-ready before taking it out on the road. Safety first!

Insured and Protected

Contact your insurance agency Los Angeles and make sure that your RV is up-to-date on your insurance. If you only keep it insured during the summer months, don’t forget to carry your card with you on all the trips you take. Getting pulled over with no proof of identification is not a good situation to find yourself in.

Safety Checks

An unsafe vehicle is bad enough, but something as large as a trailer can be deadly on an even larger scale. Make safety your priority before hitting the road.

Do a walkthrough of your trailer or RV and ensure that all lights, turn signals, and backup cameras are functioning.
Check any cargo areas and make sure that the latches properly close and that they are not flapping in the breeze.
Like with any vehicle before a long trip, air up the tires and top off all fluids.

Enjoy your trip and be safe before and during. You can never be too careful, especially if your family is put at potential risk.