Seeking Legal Advice After Your Dog Bites Someone

Seeking Legal Advice After Your Dog Bites Someone

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You probably have a lot of great memories of you spending time with your pooch. However, a time that is not going to be so great is if your dog bites someone. This possibility is the reason why it is good to have liability insurance for dogs, and in addition to speaking with your insurance representative after an incident, you may also want to talk to a legal professional.

Legal Advice

The main reason why you would want to speak with an attorney is if you believe the victim is planning on pressing charges. Not everyone will feel compelled to bring the incident to court. If the bite was not that severe and you are capable of paying the victims medical expenses through your insurance provider, that will be fine for most people.

Be Mindful

After the incident, if the victim continues to contact you to ask for money, then seeking legal counsel might be the right move. You may also want to review your options in the event the police contact you.

By making the right moves after a dog bite, you and your canine are more likely to get through this time okay. Liability insurance for dogs is a real asset to have during these times, so if you do not already have it, get it.