Three Kinds of Insurance Offered For Home Care Agencies

Three Kinds of Insurance Offered For Home Care Agencies

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Insurance is a vital element to all businesses, especially for those focused mainly in healthcare. These health care facilities often require both specialized and extensive insurance coverage. Most kinds of home care agency insurance can be categorized into three broad categories that include general liability insurance, professional insurance and worker’s compensation.

1. General Liability Insurance

This type of coverage covers property and bodily damage caused by either the employee or the patient. Medical liabilities are complicated based on the sheer range of damage they include. General liability insurance should usually be prioritized among the types of home care agency insurance coverage. The location of damage sustained includes both agency and the home of patient. Damage caused on public or private property is taken into account under general liability insurance.

2. Professional Insurance

While general liability insurance covers physical damage, professional insurance protects the agency against errors caused by malpractice. These types of errors include mishandled paperwork or improper procedures carried out during care, as well as any accidental leak of private information.

3. Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation focuses mainly on home care agency employees. This type of coverage protects employees from bodily injuries caused on business property or inflicted during business hours. Depending on the severity of the injury, employees may require worker’s compensation if working in the near future is unfeasible.

The complexity of home care agency insurance means that there are a number of different subsets and packages available. Most of these can be grouped under three main types of insurance coverage available for home care agencies.