Tips for Securing Vacant Properties

Tips for Securing Vacant Properties

First Gate Insurance

Whether its a home that sits empty part of the year, rental property that is between tenants or a new home on the market, vacant properties are targets for theft and vandalism. First Gate Insurance can help you design your clients property insurance to cover these and other hazards.

Protect Your Investment

If installing an alarm system is not an option, here are some additional steps homeowners can take to guard against damage.

Change the locks and reprogram the garage-door opener to prevent previous tenants and owners from gaining access.Secure the windows. Put plywood over broken ones until they can be repaired. Install grills to secure window wells in the basement.Program light timers to turn on and off throughout the home. Set the timing for different hours each day so there is no noticeable pattern.Maintain the yard. Keep the lawn mowed, hedges trimmed, etc., as a tenant would.Install motion-sensing lights to warn off would-be predators.
Make neighbors aware of the vacancy. They can help alert the owner and the police of any questionable activity.

Breathe Easy

Let First Gate Insurance help you tailor a plan for your clients needs. Then everyone can breathe easier knowing they have taken steps to protect their property.