The Top 3 Reasons Companies Are in Danger From Cyber Attacks

The Top 3 Reasons Companies Are in Danger From Cyber Attacks

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A company that has an online presence also has a cyber risk. With the proper set of security protocols, the possibility of cyber attack can be reduced, but it can never be eliminated. The source of these risks can be broken into three categories: hardware, software and user.

1. Hardware

Simply stated, an effective hardware solution for preventing cyber attacks does not exist. The internet is a series of interconnected servers spread around the world, and there is no door on that hardware to keep out the bad apples.

2. Software

Even the best anti-virus program out there will only stop 98 percent of threats. That still leaves 2 percent of threats to get through and attack a computer system, and most anti-virus programs are average. Add to that the fact that new malicious programs designed to get around the detection programs are coming out every day, and it is easy to see why software will never eliminate a company’s cyber risk.

3. Users

Users have always been the weakest link in any cyber security initiative. More and more, malicious attacks are using so-called social engineering to take advantage of a users habits. Phishing scams and click-bait links are examples of this aggressive method of infiltrating a company’s cyber presence.

Even though a company can never eliminate exposure to cyber risk, the company can and must take steps to minimize the danger. Doing so could mean the difference between closing the business and keeping it open.