Trucking Pollution Coverage Puts Businesses on the Road to Wellness

Trucking Pollution Coverage Puts Businesses on the Road to Wellness

Truck Insurance

One of the biggest changes to the trucking industry in recent years is the upswing in environmental policies. As more businesses and clients concern themselves with maintaining an ecological balance, transport companies have found the need to compensate with more comprehensive insurance coverage. With the right trucking pollution policy in place, these businesses can continue to grow in the face of fierce environmental regulations.

A Change in Dynamic

Trucks shipping substances that are known pollutants already understand the toll an accidental spillage can take. According to, new directives have included benign materials such as dirt and rocks into the “pollutants” category. This is a big change for many industrial moving companies that rely on transferring stone and gravel to and from construction sites.

In addition, an accidental spill of any material classified as pollution may be a disaster. From a leaky hose to an upturned tanker, the final expense for cleanup and fines could be seriously damaging to the company as a whole, not to mention the community and wildlife. Taking on trucking pollution insurance helps to safeguard transportation companies from waiting for truck repairs and litigation to continue operations. With the right coverage, even businesses that ship the most hazardous materials can rest easy knowing they are doing their best to protect the future.