Types of Staffing Insurance

Types of Staffing Insurance

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Staffing agencies are an excellent way to introduce businesses that need excellent employers with independent contractors who can make it happen. However, working as a middle man for businesses and contracts comes with a set of challenges. WWSPI (https://www.wwspi.com/) says these staffing insurance solutions are the best ideas.

General Liability

General liability coverage protects the agency from paying the bill if a contractor causes injury, property damage, or another problem for the companies you work with.

Workers’ Compensation

Even if you aren’t officially employing a contractor, you must still provide worker’s compensation coverage. If the contractor is injured on the job, the coverage helps him or her to pay medical bills and recoup lost wages during recovery. If the person passes away due to an accident, worker’s compensation may help the family of the deceased to cover medical bills and burial expenses.

Commercial Crime

Unfortunately, not everybody is honest. If a contractor forges his or her information, commits fraud, or steals from the company, commercial crime insurance can cover some of the losses.

When searching for a staffing agency to provide staffing insurance, choose an agency that has experience with the industry. Excellent reviews, good customer service, and fair rates are also important. This ensures you provide the best protection for your business clients and individual clients alike.