Understanding Nightclub Liability Insurance

Understanding Nightclub Liability Insurance

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As a nightclub owner, you’re likely already aware of the importance of having proper insurance to protect your business, your employees and your peace of mind. That being said, it’s worth noting there are different types of liability insurance for clubs. Understanding the different types let you know for sure whether you’re as well protected as you hope to be.

Liquor Liability Insurance

While you hope that patrons drink responsibly while in your club, there might be situations in which they imbibe too much and cause property damage. Should such damage happen as a result of overindulgence, liquor liability insurance has you covered.

Garage-Keepers Liability Insurance

If your club has valet parking, you’ll want garage-keepers coverage. This protects you in the event that a vehicle is damaged under your care.

Assault and Battery Liability Insurance

One thing to bear in mind with liquor liability insurance for clubs is that it does not cover injuries sustained in fights that might break out in your club, no matter if alcohol played a part in the fight. Assault and battery liability is the coverage you need in the event it can be proven that you failed to provide a safe environment for patrons.

Be sure your nightclub has the liability coverage needed for these incidents and others. You never know when the right policy can protect you from a lawsuit.