What Every Insurance Website Should Offer

What Every Insurance Website Should Offer

Western Trucking Insurance,

Everything seems to be going digital, and many companies are looking to address customer needs through smartphone apps and internet connections. While some may argue these companies are losing a personal touch, the ease of access to information saves times and expense for others. For Western Trucking Insurance, offering clients a self-service portal is one way to keep operating costs low without compromising on their service and accessibility.

What Do Customers Need?

When it comes to a website, it is often the first exposure to new business. Potential customers will be looking for information on services, location, operating hours and customer reviews. Once these customers are converted, the website becomes an opportunity for them to handle their business on their time. To meet these needs, each website should look to offer the following:

  • Provide accurate policy quotes
  • Present online bill pay options
  • Provide policy/certificate download and printing options
  • Provide options for connecting with agents
  • Provide paperwork for change requests

For those in the trucking industry, having the ability to access many of these services online is vital to their successful operations. Truckers often spend the bulk of their time on the road and have little time to access necessary documents. At Western Trucking Insurance, their online services support their company mission to be the ultimate support for truckers across the country.