What Kind of Boat Insurance Do You Need?

What Kind of Boat Insurance Do You Need?

Boat Insurance

Buying a personal watercraft is an exciting experience, no matter what you’re looking for. Like a home or a vehicle, it represents an investment in a major asset with real value. Unlike those two investments, though, it also typically marks an opportunity for a lot of fun, because most personal policies cover recreational watercraft. So what coverage do you need? That depends a lot on the vessel and where you’re taking it.

Robust Coverage Anywhere You Go

Boat insurance for vessels used exclusively on inland freshwater lakes is very different from those that cover saltwater vessels of various sizes. Within each of those categories, there are also a wide range of needs experienced according to vessel class and the ways it is used. A yacht on Michigan’s Great Lakes experiences different risks from a fishing vessel that’s used on the smaller inland lakes around that state. Similarly, a saltwater vessel that stays in U.S. waters has different needs than one traveling between the U.S., Mexico, and other nearby countries. When you work with an insurance provider whose main focus is boating policies, you get calibrated coverage with the right protections and limits, with no guesswork.

Bundling Options

Since many insurance agents who focus on boats partner with a wide range of providers to shop for the best quotes, there are often opportunities to bundle the boat policy with other forms of personal insurance, like your home or auto policy. Those opportunities often represent serious savings over pursuing separate policies for each. Contact an agent today to open the conversation if you’re interested in learning more.